SMS Packages

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e are offering Volume base SMS packages to our customers from which they can select the package which suit best to their requirements, please check it out below.

Package Name Number of SMS Price Per SMS
Package 1 20,000 SMS 0.11 AED (11 Fills)
Package 2 50,000 SMS 0.09 AED (9 Fills)
Package 3 100,000 SMS 0.08 AED (8 Fills)
Package 4 250,000 SMS 0.07 AED (7 Fills)
Package 5 500,000 SMS 0.06 AED (6 Fills)
Package 6 1,000,000 SMS 0.056 AED (5.6 Fills)

For Bulk and Discount Price Please eMail us

Message Contents

Number of characters per message is limited by the follow chart:

No of Characters Language Message Char Count
Up to 160 Charactors English 1
Between 161 to 314 English 2
Between 315 to 468 English 3
Up to 70 Charactors Arabic 1
Between 71 to 134 Arabic 2
Between 135 to 198 Arabic 3

Our customers can send International SMS from UAE account itself, the credits will deducted according to each countries operators Prices, more information about International SMS Prices please contact us and we can route your account as your requirement.

DEMO Account

[pullquote-left]We can arrange a DEMO / TEST account to check our delivery & service.[/pullquote-left]
We are providing API, Web based SMS Sender & SMPP solutions to our valued clients.

English Message: 160 Char & Unicode 70 Char (we accept long SMS up to 6 messages)

Delivery Reports: YES

Statistics: YES

Download report option: YES

Sender ID: YES (but depends on the network operator of the country)

To activate the sender id for UAE, the client should provide us NOC Letter and Valid Trade License copy, the NOC letter format will be provided, the telecom operators will approve it within 1-2 working days’. If you don’t need sender id then you can use our default sender id’s like NEW SMS / SMSINFO etc.

According to UAE TRA Rules to send promotional messages to UAE, Customers should include OPTOUT at 5258 at end of the message content.

Mobile SMS Marketing

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]obile SMS Marketing is exactly what the name implies, technology that is transportable. We helps the client to leverage business applications based on mobile technologies that facilitates high performance. These technologies implement original solutions across a wide range of industries and business functions.

What is SMS Messaging?
Imagine putting your advertisements directly into the hands of potential customers. SMS Messaging is the process of sending out large scale text message campaigns to potential clients in Dubai or UAE.

What We Can Do?
We can Provide you best Mobile SMS Marketing in Dubai and All over United Arab Emirates at vary good rates as low as 0.05 Dhs per SMS.

Why Is It Important?
Mobile SMS Marketing has a very high read through rate and as mobile phones become the most popular they have ever been, this form of marketing is second to none. This is most successful for real estate companies and industries with constantly updated inventories.

Bulk SMS Marketing UAE

Bulk SMS Marketing UAE

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]urchase SMS as low as AED 0.06/sms
Promote your products and services with SMS Marketing. Purchase SMS as low as AED 0.06 / sms for a volume of 1,000,000 sms and above. FREE Setup charges with Sender ID registration charges of AED 150 . Contact our sales representatives for more information and quotations.

Bulk SMS Marketing UAE

Promote your product, company, brand using our Bulk SMS Service in UAE, Inform your customer in more fastest and reliable way.

Bulk SMS Marketing is widely used these days it’s much cheaper than before and eye catching.

We provides Bulk SMS Service in Dubai to simplify it for you providing SMS messaging solutions in a personalized and customized form.

Our Bulk SMS Marketing Dubai service allows companies, businesses and individuals to create Bulk SMS Dubai directly from a standard Personal computer or laptop connected to the Internet. You will have the chance to promote and communicate different services, products or websites with your SMS messages.
Our Bulk SMS Service in Dubai for Bulk Messaging (Batch) or Single Messaging. Companies, businesses and individuals who wants send SMS directly from our websites.

We have a high performance Bulk SMS message delivery service enables customers to send outbound SMS messages to mobile phones. Bulk SMS Marketing has a secure and robust data center that ensures reliable message delivery to mobile operators over 90 countries. It is ideal for organizations that seek to develop SMS based data applications and also for businesses that like to stay in touch with their customers, suppliers and staff, as it facilitates the time critical delivery of bulk SMS Text Messages.

SMS Marketing Dubai

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e provide SMS Marketing service in Dubai and United Arab Emirates ,we are one of the leading Mobile Messaging service providers company providing bulk SMS solutions to our clients across United Arab Emirates.

SMS Marketing is one of the best tool for Marketing as your marketing messages can be delivered directly to the mobile phones of your potential clients.

SMS Marketing Dubai

Promote your brand, product, company with us. Inform your customer in more fastest and reliable way.  You can also implement the SMS System for your company which can deliver messages to your desired, target customers. SMS Marketing Dubai is widely used these days it’s much cheaper than before and eye catching. our bulk sms marketing uae system is sued by  Travel and Tourism Companies, Schools , Trading Companies, Computer Companies etc.

We suggest you to choose Itech SMS Marketing  because of the following features

  1. Faster
  2. Easy to Use
  3. Reliable
  4. Visible
  5. Cheaper
  6. Professional
  7. Reports

We have variety of SMS Marketing packages. If you need to promote your business through SMS Marketing, send us your details, we will reach you in no time.

Schedule Based SMS

If you often send SMS notification to your contacts, but you are fed off from the traditional way of SMS notification, we can provide you something new. You can create SMS template and give it a frequency either to send daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or once a year on a specific date just like New Year wish.

We have introduced another plan for SMS marketing which give you more control over your budget, you can select one of the volume based package and we give you the best rate and/or you can contact us so that we can provide you customized package per your company needs.

SMS Marketing Dubai SMS is a powerful way to reach your target audience.  eMail us for SMS Marketing in UAE.
We have Unique targeting methods for SMS Marketing Dubai or SMS Marketing UAE or SMS Marketing Abudhabi.

SMS marketing is very versatile, that permits you to connect with current client and attract new one.

In case you are planning bulk SMS marketing campaigns for your business or bulk Email campaigns, then we are there to provide perfect solutions for you. Itech International is leading company to run your Bulk SMS Campaigns. We are there to offer you the very best Bulk SMS Marketing Services.

Dear Customer,

if you looking for an effective way to communicate to your customers? You are just a call away to get the quickest solution, We can Give You Trial Licence to Send SMS to your Customer mobile database for FREE of cost This Offer is for a limited period.

With Bulk SMS Marketing Dubai you can send SMS in English also in Arabic Language too.

What You Can Do with SMS Marketing?

  1. Run SMS Marketing Campaigns
  2. Product Launch SMS
  3. Send Promotions SMS
  4. Send Announcements SMS
  5. Send SMS Reminders to your Client
  6. Send SMS Greetings
  7. Send SMS Alerts
  8. Send SMS Notifications
  9. Polling SMS
  10. Discount Code Distribution & much more Marketing UAE provides SMS Marketing Dubai services to promote your business via SMS and Email Marketing. We are Marketing Company equipped with tools to promote your products and Business.

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