SMS marketing software for businesses

Our SMS marketing software for businesses


SMS marketingReach your customers via text message with our beautiful web-based software.

Our web-based software is extremely user-friendly and affordable. We continue to improve upon the software functionality based on the customer suggestions and recommendations.This tool has helped us engage with our customers in the channel of their choice. As we continue to test out new campaigns and tactics.
Use text messaging, to engage new and existing clients and increase sales.
Create custom campaigns in minutes or have us do it for you. SMS Marketing has higher response rates than any other advertising medium.

Your very own marketing expert

Get the most out of your SMS marketing campaigns with personal guidance and support from our friendly team of marketing experts.

Send Online SMS

Send individual messages or large-scale text marketing campaigns from our easy online platform and instantly engage with customers.

Delivery Reporting

Grab a full understanding of which SMS messages have been successfully delivered and those that have failed.

Our Team will Help you with SMS Marketing Tips, Tricks & Articles like

  • 4 Common SMS Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • Tips to Improve Your SMS Marketing.
  • Known Factors in SMS Marketing Success.
  • Unexpected Places to Advertise Your SMS Marketing.

New to SMS marketing?

We’ve helped many businesses get started with SMS marketing. Want to see what we’ve learned over the years? Our Resource Center has the information you need to start building text message marketing campaigns like a pro.

How about a basic definition of SMS Marketing? Of course! SMS Marketing is a way to communicate directly with your customers via text messages.

Why text messages? Americans send trillions of them every year. 96% of texts are opened within five minutes of receipt. And because SMS marketing is permission-based, your message isn’t lost in a flood of SPAM.

Personalized Text Messages

Capture your contacts’ attention with personalized text messages.

See our some of our Packages

for More information Please Contact us: +971 55 3459380 or Use Contact US Page

SMS Marketing Solutions

We Provides SMS Marketing Solutions

We provide quality solution at best prices, Start your SMS Campaigns now at as low as 0.05 AED/SMS.

Our exclusive databases are accurate and can be filtered by Age | Nationality | City | Country | Income Level | Interest based and many other factors.

By using our SMS Advertising services, we guarantee our customers get the best quality SMS services at best price. You can have a peace at mind that every SMS will be delivered in a secure manner and at the right time to all your potential customers.

SMS Marketing By Your Company Name

We will Send SMS Marketing By Your Company Name Sender ID

Targeted BULK SMS Marketing


  • English Speakers Only
  • Arabic Speakers Only
  • Asians Only
  • American,Asians,Europeans,African etc
  • By Specific Nationality Wise
  • VIP’s and High Salaried Peoples
  • City Wise (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi etc.)
  • Gender Wise (Males or Females)

Mobile Marketing SMS lets you send text and email messages in one easy-to-use online dashboard.
Communicate to your audience — anytime, anywhere.

We make Mobile Marketing SMS easy to use.

mobile marketing sms

Easily Send Text Messages

Send single text messages, group text messages, or text blasts from our online dashboard.

web based sms

Web Based

ItechSMS is entirely online. Login anytime, 24/7, use it from Office or Home. Plus, all future updates are free.

Mobile Keywords

Mobile Keywords

Mobile keywords are a great way for people to text-in to build your list of contacts.
Mobile keywords are unique, identifying words that let you interact with your customers through text message marketing.
List Cleaner

List Cleaner

Yes, our system is smart enough to know a home phone from a mobile phone. You can also Clean your numbers before sending text messages.

sms reports

Beautiful Reports

We’ll keep you up-to-date on account activity so you can always track your progress. All our Reports are real time.

mobile sender id

Sender ID

you can have Unique Sender ID i.e “Your Company Name” to send promotion text messages to your customers. You can USE text (Alpha Numeric) or Numeric Sender ID. We will also help you registering Sender ID for your company.
mobile sms api


Give your application the ability to send & receive text messages with our super robust SMS API. Our SMS API can be built in your web application or desktop application.


if you are looking for

mobile marketing sms

software sms marketing

marketing mobile

 sms for marketing

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send us email

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with your requirements  and we will happy to contact you back with our best price.

SMS Marketing Dubai

SMS Marketing Dubai

SMS Marketing Dubai

We provide SMS Marketing service in Dubai and United Arab Emirates ,we are one of the leading Mobile Messaging service providers company providing bulk SMS solutions to our clients across United Arab Emirates.

SMS Marketing is one of the best tool for Marketing as your marketing messages can be delivered directly to the mobile phones of your potential clients.

SMS Marketing Dubai

Promote your brand, product, company with us. Inform your customer in more fastest and reliable way.  You can also implement the SMS System for your company which can deliver messages to your desired, target customers. SMS Marketing Dubai is widely used these days it’s much cheaper than before and eye catching. our bulk sms marketing uae system is sued by  Travel and Tourism Companies, Schools , Trading Companies, Computer Companies etc.

We suggest you to choose Itech SMS Marketing  because of the following features

  1. Faster
  2. Easy to Use
  3. Reliable
  4. Visible
  5. Cheaper
  6. Professional
  7. Reports

We have variety of SMS Marketing packages. If you need to promote your business through SMS Marketing, send us your details, we will reach you in no time.

Schedule Based SMS

If you often send SMS notification to your contacts, but you are fed off from the traditional way of SMS notification, we can provide you something new. You can create SMS template and give it a frequency either to send daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or once a year on a specific date just like New Year wish.

We have introduced another plan for SMS marketing which give you more control over your budget, you can select one of the volume based package and we give you the best rate and/or you can contact us so that we can provide you customized package per your company needs.

SMS Marketing Dubai SMS is a powerful way to reach your target audience.  eMail us for SMS Marketing in UAE.
We have Unique targeting methods for SMS Marketing Dubai or SMS Marketing UAE or SMS Marketing Abudhabi.

SMS marketing is very versatile, that permits you to connect with current client and attract new one.

In case you are planning bulk SMS marketing campaigns for your business or bulk Email campaigns, then we are there to provide perfect solutions for you. Itech International is leading company to run your Bulk SMS Campaigns. We are there to offer you the very best Bulk SMS Marketing Services.

Dear Customer,

if you looking for an effective way to communicate to your customers? You are just a call away to get the quickest solution, We can Give You Trial Licence to Send SMS to your Customer mobile database for FREE of cost This Offer is for a limited period.

With Bulk SMS Marketing Dubai you can send SMS in English also in Arabic Language too.

What You Can Do with SMS Marketing?

  1. Run SMS Marketing Campaigns
  2. Product Launch SMS
  3. Send Promotions SMS
  4. Send Announcements SMS
  5. Send SMS Reminders to your Client
  6. Send SMS Greetings
  7. Send SMS Alerts
  8. Send SMS Notifications
  9. Polling SMS
  10. Discount Code Distribution & much more Marketing UAE provides SMS Marketing Dubai services to promote your business via SMS and Email Marketing. We are Marketing Company equipped with tools to promote your products and Business.

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So hello Google, Bing, Yahoo et al. We are a SMS Marketing company based in the UAE. We’re into SMS Marketing Dubai for companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, in fact all across the U.A.E. and wider Gulf region… actually the entire world! It’s not only Bulk SMS Marketing Dubai we do but also Dubai email marketing (design and management of email campaigns), Dubai web site hosting, Dubai search engine optimization (SEO), Dubai content management systems and more. We have also produced some of the best Dubai property and real estate websites in the region.

When it comes to the search terms “SMS Marketing Dubai” or “bulk SMS Marketing Dubai” or “sms marketing uae” or “Dubai web design” or “web design Dubai” or “Dubai website design” or “website design Dubai” we really ought to rank number one because that is exactly what we do and we’re very good at it!

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e are offering Volume base SMS packages to our customers from which they can select the package which suit best to their requirements, please check it out below.

Package Name Number of SMS Price Per SMS
Package 1 20,000 SMS 0.11 AED (11 Fills)
Package 2 50,000 SMS 0.09 AED (9 Fills)
Package 3 100,000 SMS 0.08 AED (8 Fills)
Package 4 250,000 SMS 0.07 AED (7 Fills)
Package 5 500,000 SMS 0.06 AED (6 Fills)
Package 6 1,000,000 SMS 0.05 AED (5 Fills)

For Bulk and Discount Price Please email us:  [email protected]